USB Interface Board


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The MIB520CB provides USB connectivity to the IRIS and MICA family of Motes for communication and in-system programming. Any IRIS/MICAz/MICA2 node can function as a base station when mated to the MIB520CB USB interface board.


In addition to data transfer, the MIB520CB also provides a USB programming interface. The MIB520CB offers two separate ports: one dedicated to in-system Mote programming and a second for data communication over USB.The MIB520CB has an on-board processor that programs Mote Processor Radio Boards. USB Bus power eliminates the need for an external power source.

+ Base Station for Wireless Sensor Networks
+ USB Port Programming for IRIS/MICAz/MICA2 Hardware Platforms
+ Supports JTAG code debugging
+ USB Bus Power
+ Description: USB Programmer
+ Compatibility: MICA, IRIS
+ Port Type: USB


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