pH sensor probe

pH sensor probe


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Sensor specifications Sensor type: Combination electrode Measurement range: 0~14pH Temperature of operation: 0~80ºC Zero electric potential: 7±0.25p Response time: <1min Internal resistance: ≤250MΩ Repeatability: 0.017 PTS: >98.5 Noise: <0.5mV Alkali error: 15mV Reader accuracy: up to 0.01 (in function of calibration)

The pH sensor integrated in the Smart Water board is a combination electrode that provides a voltage proportional to the pH of the solution, corresponding the pH 7 with the voltage reference of 2.048V of the circuit, with an uncertainty of ±0.25pH. To get an accurate value from these sensors it is necessary both to carry out a calibration and to compensate the output of the sensor for the temperature variation from that of the calibration moment.