mBot Ranger – Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit


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Software and programming: PC-mBlock; iPad/Tablet – Makeblock, Arduino IDE

Main Control Board: Arduino Mega 2560, 256KB flash memory, 8KG SRAM, 4KB EEPROM

Sensor: 2 x Light sensor
1 x Sound sensor
1 x Gyroscope
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x Ultrasonic sensor
1 x Line follower

Speaker: 1 x Buzzer

Battery: 6 x AA battery (not included)

Motor: 2 x 400 RPM Encoder Motor

Wireless Communication: Bluetooth/2.4G

Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 120mm (7.78 x 6.49 x 4.71inch) Max.

Weight: 1600g (56.44oz)



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