Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro


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This product is a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor used in home conditions. It consists of a capacitive sensor element used for measuring relative humidity and a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor used for measuring temperature. Every sensor was calibrated in an accurate humidity room. Small dimension, ultra low power consumption, more than 20m’s signal transmission distance make it a good selection for various application environment. Different from Twig – Temp&Humi Sensor v0.9b, the accuracy of this module can gets up to 0.3 degree in temperature and 2% in relative humidity.


Items Conditions Min Norm Max Unit
VCC 3.3 6 Volts
Measuring Current Supply 1 1.5 mA
Standby Current Supply 40 50 uA
Measuring Range Humidity 5% 99% RH
Temperature -40 80 °C
Accuracy Humidity ±2% RH
Temperature ±0.5 °C
Resolution Humidity 0.1% RH
Temperature 0.1 °C
Repeatability Humidity ±0.3% RH
Temperature ±0.2 °C
Long-term Stability ±0.5% RH/year
Signal Collecting Period 2 S
Respond Time 1/e(63%) 6 20 S


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