Grove – Loudness Sensor


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The Grove – Loudness Sensor is designed to detect the loudness of environmental sound. Based on amplifier LM2904 and a built-in microphone, it amplifies and filters the high frequency signal that received from the microphone, and outputs a positive envelop. This will make for Arduino’s signal acquisition. The output value depends on the level of sound input. In order to avoid unnecessary signal disturbances, input signal will go through two times’ filtering inside the module. Lastly, there is a screw potentiometer that enables manual adjustments to the output gain.



  • Grove compatible interface
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Built-in signal filtering
  • Gain adjustable via screw potentiometer



Item Min Typical Max Unit
Voltage 3.5 5.0 10 VDC
Working Frequency 50 20,000 HZ
Sensitivity -48 66 dB
Signal-to-noise Ratio >58 dB
Output Signal range Digital Signal (0-1023) /


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