2.8″ Intelligent LCD module w/ Touch Starter Kit


+ uLCD-28PTU Display Module
+ 2GB MicroSD Card
+ uUSB-PA5 Programming Adaptor
+ 150mm 5 way Female-Female jumper cable, for quick connection to another device or breadboard
+ 5 way Male-Male adaptor (for converting the Female-Female cable to be Male-Female)

+ Low-cost 2.8″ LCD-TFT display graphics user interface solution.
+ 240 x 320 VGA resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, TFT screen with Integrated 4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel.
+ Easy 5 pin interface to any host device: VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET
+ Powered by the 4D-Labs PICASO processor (also available as separate OEM IC)
+ 14KB of flash memory for user code storage and 14KB of SRAM for user variables, or 14KB shared user code and program variables.

+ Display Viewing Area: 43.2 x 57.6 mm
+ Module Width: 50.0 mm
+ Module Height: 69.2 mm
+ Module Depth: 16.0 mm
+ Module Weight: 43.00 g




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2.8″ microLCD PICASO Display
The uLCD-28PTU is a compact and cost effective Intelligent Display Module packed with plenty of features, ready to become the GUI for your target application, and capable of being an interface controller for a number of applications.
Embedded at the heart of the design is the PICASO processor, which is driven by a highly optimised virtual core engine called EVE (Extensible Virtual Engine). An extensive range of hardware and software peripherals have been integrated into the design, to give the user freedom to adapt the module to suit almost any application.
The uLCD-28PTU is an elegant combination of a 2.8″ (240×320) LCD Screen, audio amplifier and speaker, micro-SD card connector, Lithium Battery Support, along with a group of general purpose input/output pins (GPIO’s), including I2C and serial COMMS.
The uLCD-28PTU display module serves as a perfect solution to be deployed at the forefront of any product design, requiring a brilliance of colour, animation or images on any application. This PICASO driven Intelligent Display Module is a perfect example of where art meets technology.


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