2.4″ LCD Display Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi





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2.4″ LCD Display Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

4D Systems has put together a Starter Kit for the uLCD-24PTU-PI Display Module Pack, to provide all the components needed for new users to 4D Systems’ range of Display Modules.

The SK-24PTU-PI Starter Kit includes the following:

  • uLCD-24PTU Display Module Pack
  • 4D Pi Adaptor Shield
  • 2GB microSD Card
  • uUSB-PA5 Programming Adaptor
  • 150mm 5 way Female-Female jumper cable, for quick connection to another device or breadboard
  • 5 way Male-Male adaptor (for converting the Female-Female cable to be Male-Female)
  • Quick Start User Guide

The Starter kit is a great cost effective way to start with 4D Systems products, especially for starting development of ViSi-Genie Applications.



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