LED / LCD / EL Wire

0603 SMD LED Green (10/pack)
0603 SMD LED Red (10/pack)
0603 SMD LED Yellow (10/pack)
0805 SMD LED Green (10/pack)
0805 SMD LED Red (10/pack)
0805 SMD LED Yellow (10/pack)
10mm LED Green (10/pack)
10mm LED Red (10/pack)
10mm LED Yellow (10/pack)
1206 SMD LED Green (10/pack)
1206 SMD LED Red (10/pack)
1206 SMD LED Yellow (10/pack)
Description 1602 LCD Module LCD Display with Yellow Backlight Built-in standard HD44780 or equivalent LCD controller Display 2 lines at 16 Characters long Opera...
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Character Size: 14.22mm Common Connection: Common Anode Forward Current If: 20mA Forward Voltage: 2.1V LED Colour: Red Luminous Intensity: 3.7mcd No. of Digits ...
This is a 2.0’’ a-Si, active matrix TFT, Electronic Paper Display (EPD) panel. By combing the high resolution (117 dpi) of a TFT backplane and the dependabi...
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