Grove  I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)

Grove I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)

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The Grove - I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) can drive two DC motors up to 12V/1.2A or drive one stepper motor up to 12V/1.2A. With the on-board MCU, it can work with Arduino easily via the Grove I2C interface.

This diver board is based on TB6612FNG, which is a driver IC for the DC motor and stepper motor with output transistor in LD MOS structure with low ON-resistor. Two input signals, IN1 and IN2, can choose one of four modes such as CW, CCW, short brake, and stop mode.


Typical applications

  • DC motor control

  • Stepper motor control


Pin Out


Product DC voltage input Channel No MAX Current output for each channel Price
Grove - I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) 2.5 ~ 13.5 (5V Typical, 15V Max.) 2 1.2 A(ave)/3.2 A (peak) $6.5
L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver +5V~+46V 2 2A $23.5
Grove - I2C Mini Motor Driver 2.75V - 6.8V 2 1A $10.9
Grove - I2C Motor Driver with L298 6V - 15V 2 0.5A $16.9
Grove - I2C Motor Driver (L298P) 6V - 15V 2 1A $12.9

Technical details

Dimensions 13mm x60mm x40mm
Weight G.W 0.02g
Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove - I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 8503001000
USHSCODE 8543708900
UPC 841454121824
EUHSCODE 8471707000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1
  • On board MCU

  • CW/CCW/short brake/stop function modes

  • Built-in thermal shutdown circuit and low voltage detecting circuit

  • Standby (Power save) system