Dual-Head Compact T-Bar Locks

Dual-Head Compact T-Bar Locks


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Dual-Head Compact T-Bar Locks

Noble Locks Dual-Head Compact T-Bar Locks NG04DHT (2 Years Warranty In |  Win-Pro SingaporeDouble head T-Bar Lock with barrel key and cable trap | Dell Singapore

Listed below is a snapshot of some of the most popular compatible Dell systems for the NG04DHT. If you don't see your system, use our compatibility checker to determine which Noble lock is compatible with your desktop, notebook, tablet or accessory.

Latitude Laptops:
3460, 3470, 3560, 3570, E5270, E5470, E5570, E7270, E7470

Latitude Education Laptops:
3150, 3160, 3350

Precision MMobileLaptops:
M4800, M6800, 3510, M5510, 5520, 7510, 7520, 7710, 7720

Chromebook Laptop:

Inspiron Laptops:
3573, 5566, 7559

XPS Laptops:
9250, 9350, 9530, 9550, 9560

Latitude Rugged:
5404, 5414, 7204, 7214, 7404, 7414

Optiplex Desktops:

Thuderbolt Docks:
TB16 w/180W, TB16 w/240W, TB18DC

WD Buseinss Docks:
WD15 w/18W, WD15 w/130W

Dell Universal Docks:
D6000, D3100

Product Type Laptop
Lock Head Type Dual T-Bar
Lock Method Key
Keying Options Individually Keyed
Key Type Barrel
Combination Type N/A
Lock Heads Dual
Lock Material Stainless Steel
Cable Material PVC Coated Braided Steel
Cable Length 1.8m, 0.6m / 6ft, 2ft
Cable Diameter 4mm
Weight 1152g / 5.4oz
Lock Dimensions 39.9 x 13.0 x 24.6mm
Color Sliver
Warranty 2 Years limited
Package Content 2 Cables & 2 Locks, 2 Peripheral Cable Traps, Storage Pouch & 2 Keys