Dual-Head Compact Wedge & T-Bar Locks

Dual-Head Compact Wedge & T-Bar Locks


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Dual-Head Compact Wedge & T-Bar Locks 

Double head Wedge/T-bar lock with barrel key and trap | Dell SingaporeNoble Locks Dual-Head Compact Wedge & T-Bar Locks TZNG04DHT | Win-Pro  SingaporeDouble head Wedge/T-bar lock with barrel key and trap | Dell Singapore

Dual-Head compact locks are an efficient way to protect your system and peripheral with one security solution. You can protect your laptop and dock, laptop and display or any other combination of products with two lock heads using the same key. This product features a wedge lock for systems utilizing advanced Wedge Slot and a legacy T-Bar lock for use on peripherals with a standard T-Bar slot. The Wedge Lock is tested to exceed over 150 pounds force.

The rotating lock head feature allows for this product to have 360 degree of freedom on both locks making it easier to lock and unlock. This feature also allows the lock to rotate freely while still secured within the lock slot to help prevent theft.

This locking system also includes 2 of the peripheral cable traps allowing you to secure your power cables or other peripheral devices.

The Dual Head Lock comes with the Wedge lock head attached to a 6 ft/1.82m reinforced steel cable, the T-Bar lock head attached to 2 ft/.8m steel cable, 2 keys, 2 peripheral cable trap and a storage pouch. Noble Locks offers a Two-year limited warranty on this product.

This is designed for Dell Latitude laptops featuring the Wedge Lock Slot and peripherals that have T-Bar lock slots.

TZNG04DHT Dual-Head Compact Wedge & T-Bar Locks – Noble Locks

Classic T-Bar Lock


Need to lock up your projectors, monitors, printers, conference phones and other technology? Then utilize the traditional T-Bar Lock Head. Noble Locks has developed and patented the 7 mm inverted cylinder key that allows the lock to be narrower give a sleeker profile and greater mobility. Using tumbler lock technology creates a higher standard of security and provides IT organizations flexible keying options.


360 Degrees Head Rotation

360 Degrees Head Rotation

Not only does the cable spin at every angle allow your laptop to lay flat at all times, the unique Wedge lock head also rotates adding extra protection if someone tries to snap your lock.
Dual Noble Cable Peripheral Trap

Dual Noble Cable Peripheral Trap

Two ways to secure your charger and other accessories with our patented peripheral trap. Run cable of your USB Type C, USB & HDMI accessories through the trap before inserting lock inot slot and create a secure environment for all of your technology.
Dell Tested & Approved