MODEL: AE - RB-Atl-26

SGD $ 215.00
In Bulk
(per piece)
  • EZO-PMP Pump
  • Flow rate: 0.5ml to 105ml/min
  • Modes of operation: Continuous dispensing, Volume dispensing, Constant flow rate, etc.
  • Supplied tubing: 15.24 cm / Tubing size: Any 5mm O.D. tubing
  • Data format: ASCII / Data protocol: UART & 12C
  • Pump head: 2 meters

The EZO-PMP Pump consists of three main components: a cassette, a 12V motor and a control system. The actual peristaltic pumping is done within the cassette. The inner workings of the cassette are fragile and must be dismantled by hand. It has been designed to be easily detached from the motor and disassembled. The 12V motor and its control system are soldered together. Both components are designed to operate as one single unit. The control system has three main components: a keyed data and its power connector, a 12 – 24V power input and a Status indicator LED.

EZO-PMP Pump- Click to Enlarge

Before calibration is attempted, all the air bubbles should be removed from the tubing. This is done by running the pump while tapping the tubing. If air bubbles are not removed from the tubing, they will slowly group together into larger air bubbles. Over time this will lead to accuracy issues.


  • Flow rate: 0.5ml to 105ml/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Calibration: Single point
  • Supplied tubing: 15.24 cm
  • Tubing size: Any 5mm O.D. tubing
  • Data protocol: UART & 12C
  • Default I2C address: 103 (0X67)
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V –5V (logic), 12V –24V (motor)
  • Pump head: 2 meters
  • Data format: ASCII

Modes of operation

  • Continuous dispensing
  • Volume dispensing
  • Constant flow rate
  • Dose over time mode

The EZO-PMP comes with a peristaltic pump with controller and data cable.