GW INSTEK GDS-2204A Digital Oscilloscope, GDS-2000A Series, 4 Channel, 2GSPS, 1.75ns, 2Mpts, 200MHz

GW INSTEK GDS-2204A Digital Oscilloscope, GDS-2000A Series, 4 Channel, 2GSPS, 1.75ns, 2Mpts, 200MHz


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The GDS-2000A Series DSO comes along with a high-value design framework, including 2G Sa/s sampling rate, 2M points record length, 2 or 4 input channels and a large screen color LCD display, to perform very fast waveform acquisition and procession at 80,000 wfms/s update rate utilizing VPO (Visual Persistence Oscilloscope) technology.

The GDS-2000A Series, carrying bandwidths of 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz and inputs of 2 and 4 channels, makes up a family of 8 in the whole series. The 2M points record length not only enables the long time waveform storage but also plays the role as a huge database of the input signals for the post-storage waveform analysis. Two powerful functions, Waveform Search and Segmented Memory are available of the GDS-2000A Series to facilitate the search the event of interest from the long record length. Waveform search defines the waveform types for the search whereas segmented memory divides the whole record length into a number of segments. Therefore, the process of searching particular waveforms can be easier and faster. The ping-pong waveform acquisition design and the advanced VPO-technologybased waveform procession system, greatly enhance the speed and the quality of waveform display of GDS-2000A Series at a very fast update rate of 80,000 waveforms per second, GDS-2000A also provides I C, UART, SPI serial bus trigger and decoding functionalities free of charge.

Users via GDS-2000A not only to measure basic waveform but also available to analysis the low speed serial bus. The optional logic analyzer function allows the signal acquisition through logic triggering and enables the logic waveforms and the analog waveforms to be shown on the same screen for comparison and time correlation analysis. This Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) function is field-installable with a plug-in module, containing either 8 or 16 input channels, at the rear panel. The MSO function supports the I C / SPI / UART serial bus trigger and decoding.

The GDS-2000A Series is equipped with all the features that a high-tech DSO should have today. The RS-232C interface, USB ports, and Go-NoGo output are provided as standard, and the Ethernet port, SVGA Video output and GPIB port are available as options for user's free selection. At a moderate cost, GDS-2000A Series is a DSO to provide high customer-value with innovative design.

  • 300/200/100/70MHz Bandwidth, 2 or 4 Input Channels
  • 2GSa/s Maximum Real-Time Sampling Rate and 100GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
  • 2M points Maximum Record length
  • VPO Technology to Display LessFrequently-Occurred Signals
  • Fast Update Rate of 80,000 Waveform Per Second
  • Segmented Memory Acquisition and Waveform Search Function
  • Standard Model Provides I C, UART, SPI Serial Bus Trigger and Analysis Functionality
  • Optional 8 or 16 Additional Digital Channels with Logic Analyzer(MSO)
  • Upgradable CAN/LIN Bus, DVM, H-Expansion, Data Log and Advanced Logic Functionality
  • Optional 5MHz & 25MHz Function Generator
  • Flexible Remote Control Connectivity (Standard : USB ; Optional : LAN/GPIB)