RobotBit - Robot Expansion Board for Micro:bit

RobotBit - Robot Expansion Board for Micro:bit

MODEL: AE-SS-105990110

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RobotBit - Robot Expansion Board for Micro:bit

It has a powerful ability to drive DC motors, stepper motors, servos, and onboard buzzer and RGB pixels and release all valid IO from microbit, with support the most common electronics module in the market.
It comes with 18650 battery holder, integrated lithium battery boost, charging and protection chip. Support for external power input. Mechnically support for KittenBot robotic chassis and LEGO technical slots.
The powerful drive capability and built-in battery make DIY more convenient and free. We have received unanimous praise from the school teacher training institutions and individual enthusiasts. It is an excellent choice for your robotic projects based on Micro:bit!

Battery Not Included !

Hardware interface

1. 5V external power input(with anti-reverse protection)
2. Power switch
3. Power Indicator
4. Battery Indicator
5. Micro USB charing port
6. 4-channel DC motor / 2-channel stepper motor
7. Jumper for buzzer selection
8. 8 channel IO(corresponding to Micro:bit P0-P2、P8、P12-P15)
9. 5V and GND port
10. Buzzer
11. 8 channel servo port
12. I2C interface (expandable I2C module)
13. 18650 battery case
14. Bettery protection recovery push button
15. Micro:bit edge connector
16. 4x RGB pixel

Robotbit front

17. Servo driver (PCA9685)
18. 2xDc/Stepper driver (DRV8833)
19. KittenBot robot chassis mounting hole
20. Standard LEGO hole

Robotbit back