Espressif ESP32-LyraT

Espressif ESP32-LyraT


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Espressif ESP32-LyraT

New Board from Espressif – ESP32-LyraT in stock | olimexESP32-LyraT - Geekworm WikiESP32-LyraT V4.3 Hardware Reference — Audio Development Framework  documentation

The ESP32-LyraT V4.3 is an audio development board produced by Espressif built around ESP32. It is intended for audio applications, by providing hardware for audio processing and additional RAM on top of what is already onboard of the ESP32 chip. The specific hardware includes:

  • ESP32-WROVER Module

  • Audio Codec Chip

  • Dual Microphones on board

  • Headphone output

  • 2 x 3-watt Speaker output

  • Dual Auxiliary Input

  • MicroSD Card slot (1 line or 4 lines)

  • Six buttons (2 physical buttons and 4 touch buttons)

  • JTAG header

  • Integrated USB-UART Bridge Chip

  • Li-ion Battery-Charge Management

The block diagram below presents main components of the ESP32-LyraT and interconnections between components.

ESP32 LyraT block diagram

ESP32-LyraT Block Diagram


The following list and figure describe key components, interfaces and controls of the ESP32-LyraT used in this guide. This covers just what is needed now. For detailed technical documentation of this board, please refer to ESP32-LyraT V4.3 Hardware Reference and ESP32 LyraT V4.3 schematic (PDF).