ATOM Mate Adapter DIY Expansion Kit

ATOM Mate Adapter DIY Expansion Kit


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ATOM Mate Adapter DIY Expansion Kit


ATOM MATE is a DIY expansion kit specially designed for the M5ATOM family. The kit contains 3 kinds of accessories. AtomPin is a pin adapter board that can expand the bottom pins of the M5Atom from all sides, making it easier to build circuits on the breadboard. With a special bracket, you can easily attach M5Atom without affecting the use of the pins. AtomHat is an adapter board for adapting the M5StickC Hat series of products for use with the M5Atom. If you already have some HAT accessories, you can directly use the AtomHat adapter to reuse them with M5Atom. There is a cross shaped hole on the bottom which can be connected to Lego, allowing for easy mounting onto Lego projects.


Please check the Hat pins before using AtomHat, you may need to modify the program pin number,when using PIR HAT with AtomHat, it is necessary to set the 33 pin as an internal pull-up

Product Features

  • Compatible with Atom Matrix/Atom Lite
  • Multiple DIY methods
  • Flexible installation
  • Adapt to HAT/bread board


  • 1x AtomPin frame
  • 1x AtomPin board
  • 1x AtomHat
  • 1x AtomMount
  • 5x 5Pin
  • 1x 4Pin
  • 1x M2*6 Hexagon socket cup head machine screw
  • 1x M2*8 Hexagon socket cup head machine screw
  • 1x Hex key


  • Experimental circuit construction
  • Use with building blocks
  • HAT transfer


Specification Parameter
Net weight 11g
Gross weight 22g
Product Size AtomHAT:24*24*8mm AtomMount:24*24*8mm AtomPin:24*38*8mm
Package dimensions 50*50*21mm
Case material Plastic ( PC )