Nexys A7-50T : FPGA Trainer Board

Nexys A7-50T : FPGA Trainer Board

MODEL: AE - DG-410-292-1

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Nexys A7: FPGA Trainer Board Recommended for ECE Curriculum


Product Description

The Nexys A7 is the new name for our popular Nexys 4 DDR board, now available in two FPGA densities! Featuring the same Artix™-7 field programmable gate array (FPGA) from Xilinx®, the Nexys A7 is a ready-to-use digital circuit development platform designed to bring additional industry applications into the classroom environment. The Artix-7 FPGA is optimized for high-performance logic, and offers more capacity, higher performance, and more resources than earlier designs. With its large, high-capacity FPGA and collection of USB, Ethernet, and other ports, the Nexys A7 can host designs ranging from introductory combinational circuits to powerful embedded processors. Several built-in peripherals, including an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, MEMs digital microphone, speaker amplifier, and plenty of I/O devices allow the Nexys A7 to be used for a wide range of designs without needing any other components. 

The Nexys A7-100T is compatible with Xilinx's Vivado® Design Suite as well as the ISE® toolset, which includes ChipScope and EDK. Xilinx ISE has been discontinued in favor of Vivado® Design Suite.

The Nexys A7-50T variant is compatible only with Vivado® Design Suite.

Xilinx offers free WebPACK™ versions of these toolsets, so designs can be implemented at no additional cost.

The Nexys A7 is not supported by the Digilent Adept Utility.

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Product Variant A7-100T A7-50T
Artix-7 Part XC7A100T-1CSG324C  XC7A50T-1CSG324C
Logic Slices 15,850 (4 6-input LUTs & 8 flip flops each) 8,150 (4 6-input LUTs & 8 Flip flops each)
Block RAM 4,860 Kbits 2,700 Kbits
Clock Tiles 6 (each with PLL)  5 (each with PLL) 
DSP Slices 240 120
Internal Clock 450 MHz+ 450 MHz+
DDR2 Memory 128MiB 128MiB


Programming: Vivado Design Suite as well as the ISE toolset

  • Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA XC7A100T-1CSG324C or XC7A50T-1CSG324C
  • 15,850 logic slices, each with four 6-input LUTs and 8 flip-flops (8,150 logic slices for the A7-50T)
  • 4,860 Kbits of fast block RAM  (2,700 Kbits for the A7-50T)
  • Six clock management tiles, each with phase-locked loop (PLL) (5 clock management tiles for the A7-50T)
  • 240 DSP slices (120 DSP slices for A7-50T)
  • Internal clock speeds exceeding 450 MHz 
  • On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC) 
  • 128 MiB DDR2 
  • Serial Flash 
  • Digilent USB-JTAG port for FPGA programming and communication 
  • microSD card connector 
  • Ships with rugged plastic case and USB cable
  • USB-UART Bridge 
  • 10/100 Ethernet PHY 
  • PWM audio output 
  • 3-axis accelerometer 
  • 16 user switches 
  • 16 user LEDs
  • Two tri-color LEDs 
  • PDM microphone
  • Temperature sensor 
  • Two 4-digit 7-segment displays 
  • USB HID Host for mice, keyboards and memory sticks 
  • Pmod for XADC signals 
  • 12-bit VGA output 
  • Four Pmod ports



  • Nexys A7 FPGA: choose from 100T or 50T variant
  • Digilent custom hardshell plastic case with protective foam
  • Micro USB cable