Nova Pi v1

Nova Pi v1


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The NovaPi master is the master of the next-generation event platform, featuring a high-performance M7 processor ATSAMS70N20A-AN and an STM32F030CCT6 coprocessor with five sensor interfaces and six intelligent motor interfaces. The sensor interface uses serial communication to output 5V to the outside. The intelligent motor interface uses serial communication to provide 12V external voltage. 
The NovaPi main control onboard 6-axis sensor measures the acceleration in three directions of X, Y and Z and the angular velocity of rotation in the X, Y and Z directions. 
The NovaPi can be used with a power extension board to provide a richer interface and resources.

Technical specifications

  • Module size: 85 mm × 56 mm × 13 mm
  • Operating voltage: 6V ~ 13V (if using a motor, the minimum input voltage must meet the motor operating voltage requirements)
  • Working current: 60 mA
  • Communication port and protocol: serial port / mbuild protocol

Functional characteristics

  • Support makeblock metal parts, lego pin connection
  • Mbuild system, adapt to the optical ring board, new star board and other mbuild system master
  • 5-way mBuild interface
  • 6-way intelligent motor interface
  • Onboard 6-axis motion sensor
  • Support power expansion board
  • Small size, flexible installation position, easy to embed in various projects
  • Master MCU is a high performance M7 processor