Screw Terminal 2.1mm DC Barrel Plug (Male)

Screw Terminal 2.1mm DC Barrel Plug (Male)


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This 2.1mm barrel plug (male) to screw terminal will come in very handy if you want a DC power connector that runs off a battery pack or wired power supply.

There is a 2.1mm DC plug on one end, and a screw terminal block on the other.

The terminals are labeled with positive/negative assuming a positive-tip configuration (which is the most common).

Simply hook up your selected power supply to the terminal points and you have DC power Plug with the output of your choice!

You can then fit a female 2.1mm DC barrel jack to your circuit, motor, breadboards, etc. for easy, variable power application!

  • 5.5mm OD  2.1mm ID Barrel Plug (Male)
  • Screw Terminal Input allows for Universal Connection to a range of Battery Packs, Power Supplies etc.
  • Terminal Labelled Positive/Negative (Assuming Positive Tip Configuration)
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 14mm x 14mm