Pi-Top FHD Touch Display 11.6"

Pi-Top FHD Touch Display 11.6"


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Pi-Top FHD Touch Display 11.6"

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The pi-top FHD Touch Display works really well with pi-top [4] but what you might not know, is that it also works works  with anything with an HDMI output, such as a laptop or just a Raspberry Pi on its own. 

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All pi-top FHD Touch Displays come with a Display Adapter, a handy adapter that allows you to connect your screen to multiple devices, from your pi-top [4], to a Raspberry Pi on its own, or even your own laptop. 

On the very right hand side of the Display Adapter (picture below) you'll find the USB-C port which is designed to provide power for the pi-top FHD Touch Display and the Raspberry Pi as well. 

The next one is a standard HDMI input, followed by a USB port. You can connect a USB cable to that to provide power to a Raspberry Pi, if you're using one. 

And finally, you have USB micro which lets you connect the Raspberry Pi to your pi-top FHD Touch Display, and if you're using a pi-top Bluetooth Keyboard, it lets you attach to that one as well.  

*Bluetooth Key Board And Pi-Top 4 is Not Included.