• 7.0" DIABLO16 Intelligent Display Module w/ Touch
  • 7.0" DIABLO16 Intelligent Display Module w/ Touch

7.0" DIABLO16 Intelligent Display Module w/ Touch


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7.0"  DIABLO16  Intelligent  Display  Module
The uLCD-70DT is designed for applications demanding a large intelligent display module, and is the largest size available from 4D Systems to date.
Driving the display and peripherals is the DIABLO16 processor, a very capable and powerful chip which enables stand-alone functionality, programmed using the 4D Systems Workshop 4 IDE Software. The Workshop IDE enables graphic solutions to be constructed rapidly and with ease due to its design being solely for 4D’s graphics processors.
The DIABLO16 Processor offers considerable FLASH and RAM upgrades over the PICASO processor, and also provides mappable functions such as I2C, SPI, Serial, PWM, Pulse Out, and Quadrature Input, to various GPIO, and also provide up to 4 Analog Input channels.
The display module has an array of features including PWM for Sound, Touch Detection, micro-SD memory storage, general purpose I/O including Analog Inputs, multiple TTL Serial, I2C and SPI channels and multiple millisecond resolution timers, amongst many more features.
Anything that has been designed in the past to run on a PICASO Processor can theoretically run on this DIABLO16 Module with minor changes. Please ensure you contact the 4D Systems’ support team if unsure if upgrading from a PICASO product and wanting to design with or change over to this uLCD-70DT Module.
The Diablo16 Processor does not support the Serial Environment (SPE), or the superseded SGC. Please refer to the Datasheet for supported platforms.